• We do not have a kitchen, but we do have a few small snacks available for purchase.
• You are welcome to have food delivered, within reason. This means NO catering.
• We do not allow outside beverages—ever, at all.
• Please keep your food at your table. We aren’t Hometown Buffet, so please don’t use other tables to set up your food, unless you are sharing it with everyone that comes in to the bar.
• Please clean up your trash. We have several trashcans available and the bar staff can direct you to them.

• Children are allowed in the bar until 6PM everyday only if accompanied by their legal guardian.
• Children must be with you AT ALL TIMES. They are not to be left unattended at any time, for any reason.
• A bar is not a good place to go exploring. There could be broken glass, tipsy people, dogs that don’t want to be touched, etc.
• While we love families and children, we emphasize that Mission Dolores is a bar for Adults. Please respect the other patrons by maintaining the grown-up nature of the bar.
• If you bring a stroller, please be respectful of the space and make sure that it is out of the way and not blocking any walkways or egresses.

• Dogs are allowed in our Outdoor Areas in accordance with the NYC Department of Health regulations for dogs in outdoor cafes and bars.
• They must be On Leash AT ALL TIMES!!!
• Barking and/or aggression will not be tolerated.

• Violators will be asked to leave.